My name is Keiko Tanaka, I have a career in massage therapy, I Love Backpacking, Kayaking, Camping and Brewing beer But my true passion is Bouldering, and love kickin it with friends.

I currently reside in the Boulder County area in Colorado. moved out just this past June. I would like to thank all the people we have met thus far and hope to share many new experiences with them and new friends!

If you would like to contact me about climbing areas or just to chat you can message me or contact me on Facebook

Again, Thanks for reading!

Thanks For the Support!


Epic Night in the canyon! Here’s a video of me on The Amendment.


Sick video @ the lost boulder by my buddys Max & Austin



My buddy Austin and I decided to charge through one hell of a cold front and climb on some boulders up north. We met up with Ryan and Paul and headed to Eldo. Climbing was a struggle but we managed to top out a few lines. This video features “The Elegants” on the Lost boulder. 

Katrin Bell came out with me on numerous occasions to try to record my send of The Amendment v10 here are some earlier photos!

The Amendment V10

I am so Excited to say that I sent my hardest climb to date on Monday evening…. a great start for 2013!! A huge thanks to my amazing friends who Trekked out with me time after time bringing extra crash pads & a propane heater, cleaning holds, taking photos and video and keeping the energy up! w/out these guys it wouldn’t be possible—- Here’s some amazing photos Katrin Bell took of my send.

If you Haven’t Checked Her out or

thatdorkyclimber asked
Where did you get your Colorado crashpad?! I love it :)

My Colorado Half pad is a custom pad I had made by Organic Bouldering Mats. CHeck them out if you have not yet…… Organic make the toughest Crash Pads I’ve used!!


Jesse Warren sends Walk Softly (V9)
Austin Geiman gets the second ascent of Kneez in the Trap (V?)
Ryan Silven puts up “Adaptation” on the Wall of Despair

Newlin Creek, CO

Hey Everyone! Here’s an update on the Technical Rescue Instruction Project, and if you haven’t yet go check them out!

T.R.I.P. is an acronym. It stands for the Technical Rescue Instruction Project. It is a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation devoted to education. Our mission is to increase public safety through the provision of technical rescue instruction.

You can Check them out on Facebook

As most of you know, TRIP has not accepted a single penny in terms of donations or payment for courses all year. 

This is because we are still applying for our 501(c)3 status.

By the end of the year we will have been incorporated for 8 months, which means we can submit the forms and get our definitive ruling on tax exemption.

In order to do that, we need to get some donations to show public support. We do not need a lot of money, just something to put on our financial tables to show public support on our IRS form 1023.

If you would like to help TRIP continue to pursue its educational mission, please send a check payable to The Technical Rescue Instruction Project, Inc. to the following address:

The Technical Rescue Instruction Project, Inc.
381 E Line St.
Bishop, CA 93514