My name is Keiko Tanaka, I have a career in massage therapy, I Love Backpacking, Kayaking, Camping and Brewing beer But my true passion is Bouldering, and love kickin it with friends.

I currently reside in the Boulder County area in Colorado. moved out just this past June. I would like to thank all the people we have met thus far and hope to share many new experiences with them and new friends!

If you would like to contact me about climbing areas or just to chat you can message me or contact me on Facebook

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Hey Everyone! Here’s an update on the Technical Rescue Instruction Project, and if you haven’t yet go check them out!

T.R.I.P. is an acronym. It stands for the Technical Rescue Instruction Project. It is a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation devoted to education. Our mission is to increase public safety through the provision of technical rescue instruction.

You can Check them out on Facebook

As most of you know, TRIP has not accepted a single penny in terms of donations or payment for courses all year. 

This is because we are still applying for our 501(c)3 status.

By the end of the year we will have been incorporated for 8 months, which means we can submit the forms and get our definitive ruling on tax exemption.

In order to do that, we need to get some donations to show public support. We do not need a lot of money, just something to put on our financial tables to show public support on our IRS form 1023.

If you would like to help TRIP continue to pursue its educational mission, please send a check payable to The Technical Rescue Instruction Project, Inc. to the following address:

The Technical Rescue Instruction Project, Inc.
381 E Line St.
Bishop, CA 93514

Between work and Climbing I haven’t had much time to post things, Truthfully I finally started editing photo’s from may to now so no big updates just been enjoying the summer and now getting amp’d up for fall climbing season!!!!!!

People Places and Psych

I feel incredibly fortunate to have met and climbed with some of the most elite climbers in Colorado since I have moved here, Although they are all amazing and I am always psyched to get out with everyone, But the two most inspiring people I am blessed to climb with are Megan Mascarenas and Her mom Staci. I am so inspired by 14 yr old Megan not only is she crushing in the comp circuit but she has been CRUSHING outside for the past year! I met Megan at Mt Evans Area A last year and in two weekends she sent her first V11 Mirrormask which I was there for! Staci Megans mom is also an amazing woman not only does she crush and have 4 amazing children and 3 Grand children (all climbers) But I am inspired by Her and Bills Dedication to Megans climbing, every time we go out either for the day or for the weekend Staci Is there with us Climbing and carrying a pad and Bill is right there with his backpack carrying food, water and always there taking Video and Pictures of Megan. This past weekend Staci, Bill and Megan came out Camping and climbing with us at Mt Evans Area A first time back for them this season We showed up Friday afternoon set up camp and ate some food, next thing we know Gregory and Chris are talking about night climbing and with Megans Psych so High there is no hesitation with Staci and Bill over going out and Venturing into the dark to get in a good-temps session. the 6 of us and two dogs head out from our campsite into the boulder field starting the night out at the Ladder a classic warm up area in the beginning of Area A after doing a few laps and variations we head straight up to the Dali wall, Here Megan did an amazing ascent of the Dali stand using a two finger 1/3 pad hold to get to the sloper rail and then an adventurous down climb in the dark! Gregory soon after sending the Dali Sit V9, after I blew out of that same pocket getting a gnarly blood blister on my middle digit we moved down to Seurat an amazingly  aesthetic climb with lay-backs up a fine finger crack After only giving it a few goes Megan got a Midnight Ascent of Seurat!!!! an amazing night of climbing and camping in the morning we spent most of our time at bierstadt and Public execution both V10’s no sends yet but they are going to be there climbing tonight and tomorrow morning so Good Luck Megan  I truly don’t know anyone with as much dedication and free spirit as the Mascaranes family and for that I have to thank them for being a part of our lives and hope to spent many more years climbing and partying with these amazing people and all of my other friends!!!!!!! Thanks to you all for keeping up motivation!!!!

Some Photos of us warming up on the Ladder beginning of the night!!

Megan in her Superman Pants!!

Gregory with his ABC staff shirt!!!!

Chris Sullivan on the Ladder

Hole in my Finger :( had to tear the blood blister open so I could keep Climbing :)

Finally Sent Turning Point!!!

Very Excited to say I sent Turning Point up at the satellite boulders in Boulder CO. Fortunately I had Perfect conditions, I don’t know if it was the three pads I carried up today or the support I had from my friends but I warmed up for a couple minutes and sent first go Today!! I will put up photo’s for now but will have footage up soon.

I’m also starting to get excited for Joes Valley, it feels really good to go on a vacation without leaving projects behind it feels like having an clear mind. So Big thanks to Chris Sullivan for doing an awesome job filming and to Joe Shultz who also got his send on today! I would also like to thank Organic Climbing for fixing up my old pad and the awesome new gear.

Me on Turning Point V9

Chris Sullivan on Turning Point V9

Joe Shultz on Turning Point V9

Thanks! keep Checking in for new posts and Video’s!

The slacking must end!

So I have been doing some big time slacking on updating this blog. as promised I will have some video’s up check back in the next week or two. going to be spending a lot of time editing. as for recent climbing ventures I have been going to a few areas for the first time, I went to Little Castlewood Canyon a couple weekends ago and to Carter Lake last weekend Here’s some Pictures in the mean time and I will be working double time to get those video’s up. Last but not least I am going back up to turning point tomorrow as long as it does not snow too much today and will hopefully get the send on this thuggy V9. this problem has seemed never ending I have spent the last 3 sessions falling off at the very end past the crux, Maybe I need to get my endurance up! And Great Job to all my Girls that competed in Nats At the SCC this past weekend

Chris Sullivan @ Castlewood Canyon

Wendell Schultz @ Castlewood Canyon

Joe Shultz @ Castlewood Canyon

Jon Petzke @ Castlewood Canyon

Me Climbing @ Carter Lake V5

Gregory Locker on Beached Whale @ Carter Lake

Jon Labella on Beached Whale @ Carter Lake

Me on Beached Whale @ Carter Lake

Me on Beached Whale @ Carter Lake

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