My name is Keiko Tanaka, I have a career in massage therapy, I Love Backpacking, Kayaking, Camping and Brewing beer But my true passion is Bouldering, and love kickin it with friends.

I currently reside in the Boulder County area in Colorado. moved out just this past June. I would like to thank all the people we have met thus far and hope to share many new experiences with them and new friends!

If you would like to contact me about climbing areas or just to chat you can message me or contact me on Facebook

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The slacking must end!

So I have been doing some big time slacking on updating this blog. as promised I will have some video’s up check back in the next week or two. going to be spending a lot of time editing. as for recent climbing ventures I have been going to a few areas for the first time, I went to Little Castlewood Canyon a couple weekends ago and to Carter Lake last weekend Here’s some Pictures in the mean time and I will be working double time to get those video’s up. Last but not least I am going back up to turning point tomorrow as long as it does not snow too much today and will hopefully get the send on this thuggy V9. this problem has seemed never ending I have spent the last 3 sessions falling off at the very end past the crux, Maybe I need to get my endurance up! And Great Job to all my Girls that competed in Nats At the SCC this past weekend

Chris Sullivan @ Castlewood Canyon

Wendell Schultz @ Castlewood Canyon

Joe Shultz @ Castlewood Canyon

Jon Petzke @ Castlewood Canyon

Me Climbing @ Carter Lake V5

Gregory Locker on Beached Whale @ Carter Lake

Jon Labella on Beached Whale @ Carter Lake

Me on Beached Whale @ Carter Lake

Me on Beached Whale @ Carter Lake

Thats it for now, Thank you for following!

New Crags~Wet Crags

Friday Afternoon I went out with a few friends to check out Eldorado Canyon. Unfortunately everything was wet and we couldn’t climb anything we did go hike around and check out a bunch of the boulders but all in all felt like a failure of a day, with the only hopes left of going to The Spot and Training our faces off we began to drive back to boulder and with a great turn of events we turned around met up with a few other friends and went to Morrison. Everything we got on was dry YAY! and Temps were perfect. I did not send anything harder than V3 that night but I did spend most of my time working The Helicopter V5/8 an amazing line.

Heres a Photo I took of Lily Cornett on The Helicopter

Photo Of Jon Labella on Willow’s Wart V5

all in all it was a great night, good times with good people and good climbing!

found a few projects but I’m still craving Poudre, I got hooked the first time I went and I hope we get a bit without snow so I can get back.

Here’s a Great Picture of Theo Spinelli on Party Tricks V5/6 at Poudre Canyon,420’s