My name is Keiko Tanaka, I have a career in massage therapy, I Love Backpacking, Kayaking, Camping and Brewing beer But my true passion is Bouldering, and love kickin it with friends.

I currently reside in the Boulder County area in Colorado. moved out just this past June. I would like to thank all the people we have met thus far and hope to share many new experiences with them and new friends!

If you would like to contact me about climbing areas or just to chat you can message me or contact me on Facebook

Again, Thanks for reading!

Thanks For the Support!


Jon Llyod ~ Photo’s from Poudre Canyon

My friend Jon Lloyd got some AMAZING shots of us at Poudre a few weeks ago. Check him out he does all sorts of photography and its all stunning!

or on Facebook ~

Me ~ The Perch V6

Ryan Nelson~ The Perch V6

Me ~ Party Tricks V5/6

Jon Suhy ~ Puffing Stone Direct V4

Chris Sullivan ~ Sharma Lunge V9

Me ~ Scarface V7

Again Thank you to Jon for taking these photos!