My name is Keiko Tanaka, I have a career in massage therapy, I Love Backpacking, Kayaking, Camping and Brewing beer But my true passion is Bouldering, and love kickin it with friends.

I currently reside in the Boulder County area in Colorado. moved out just this past June. I would like to thank all the people we have met thus far and hope to share many new experiences with them and new friends!

If you would like to contact me about climbing areas or just to chat you can message me or contact me on Facebook

Again, Thanks for reading!

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Finally Sent Turning Point!!!

Very Excited to say I sent Turning Point up at the satellite boulders in Boulder CO. Fortunately I had Perfect conditions, I don’t know if it was the three pads I carried up today or the support I had from my friends but I warmed up for a couple minutes and sent first go Today!! I will put up photo’s for now but will have footage up soon.

I’m also starting to get excited for Joes Valley, it feels really good to go on a vacation without leaving projects behind it feels like having an clear mind. So Big thanks to Chris Sullivan for doing an awesome job filming and to Joe Shultz who also got his send on today! I would also like to thank Organic Climbing for fixing up my old pad and the awesome new gear.

Me on Turning Point V9

Chris Sullivan on Turning Point V9

Joe Shultz on Turning Point V9

Thanks! keep Checking in for new posts and Video’s!

A short Video I put together with some climbs we did in July shortly after we moved to Colorado.

Video Includes Climbs

The Original Grapple V4~Keiko Tanaka

Captain Hook V9~Chris Sullivan

Girlfriend’s Backside V7~Keiko Tanaka

Music~ Kool Keith- Livin’ Astro